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  • 100% Natural, Safe As Water


    What is DezenFX

    Turkey's First Covid-19 Virus Killer Disinfectant

    DezenFX is a 24 Hour permanent and protective effect.

    They are composed of hypochlorous complex produced with nanotechnology instead of alcohol. In this way, it continues to inactivate the viruses that come to the surface where it is squeezed for 24 hours.

    Ten times more effective than an ordinary disinfectant does not irritate the skin like alcohol disinfectants, suitable for use by children and also used in public places' disinfection.

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    Your children
    are safe!
    Stop Covid-19!

    It has been proven by
    accredited laboratories to
    kill the Covid-19 virus.

    24 hours effective*

    It is not easy
    to build trust,
    You can trust our products!

    DezenFX is biocidal licensed by the Health Ministry of
    Turkish Republic, Independent Microbiology Labrotary Universities.

    Salık Bakalnlığı Onayı

    DezenFX Suitable for Your Needs

    DezenFX According to your Usage Areas and Shape of usage


    Now it is mini!
    You can carry it safely
    in your pocket.

    Accredited laboratories have
    proved DezenFX to be effective
    against the Covid-19 virus.

    24 hours effective*

    If we say,
    it is safe as Water?

    DezenFX, contrary to conventional disinfectants, has an effective formula without alcohol and contains 'biocidal' content by the Health of Ministry of Turkish Republic.

    Salık Bakalnlığı Onayı

    Usage Areas

    Suitable for Using in Health Areas, Food Production Preparation and Sales Areas, Other Social Life and Service Areas

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    stain and mark
    in clothes

    What is

    Biocidal products have chemical or biological effects on microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi that are considered harmful thanks to the active substance or substances they contain.

    For public health, only Use products with the TR Ministry of Health biocidal product licensed!

    Salık Bakalnlığı Onayı
    Salık Bakalnlığı Onayı