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  • 100% Natural, Safe As Water

    Antiviral/Antibakteriyel Dezenfektan - 50 ml

    Antiviral/Antibacterial Disinfectant 50ml

    DezenFX is an Antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant that provides adequate protection for 24 hours.

    General specifications

    • DezenFX antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant provides 24-hour adequate protection against viruses and bacteria.
    • It consists of a Hypochlorous complex produced with nanotechnology instead of alcohol. In this way, it continues to inactivate the viruses that come to the squeezed surface for 24 hours.
    • It is ten times more effective than ordinary disinfectants.
    • Do not irritate the skin like alcohol-based disinfectants
    • Suitable for use by children
    • It is also used in the disinfection of public spaces.

    What is DezenFX?

    DezenFX is an antiviral/antibacterial disinfectant produced with nanotechnology. All pathogenic bacteria, including Covid 19, virus, mold, etc. inactivates organisms with no side effects.

    DezenFX has a biocidal license issued by the Ministry of Health of Turkey, has a practical, alcohol-free formula, unlike conventional disinfectants.

    It has a Hypochlorous complex instead of alcohol, and it provides at least ten times more hygiene than containing alcohol disinfectants.

    The most crucial point of the product is, continues to provide hygiene for 24 hours on the applied surfaces.

    While alcohol-based disinfectants applied surface hygiene only, DezenFX provides hygiene and destroys viruses for 24 hours. It also includes hygiene and kills viruses against future virus attacks because of that this product revolutionary feature for us.

    DisenFX is a skin-friendly disinfectant.

    While alcohol-based disinfectants irritate people's sensitive skin at frequent use, DezenFX does not irritate the skin like alcohol-based disinfectants.

    Because of that, it is also suitable for use by children.

    Area of Use

    DezenFX can be used for individual hygiene also suitable for massive hygiene.  It can be used in all of the following regions for public hygiene due to its 24-hour effectiveness after application.

    • Hospitals
    • Banks and Institutions
    • Public Transport Vehicles (Bus, Minibus, Metro, Ferry, Airplane, etc.)
    • Metros, Subways and Bus Stations and Ferry Piers, Cruise Ships
    • Building Site, Camping Area, military ward, Collective Accommodation Areas
    • Schools, Libraries, Classrooms, Educational Areas
    • Congress, Conference, Concert, Meeting, etc. in crowded areas
    • Offices, workplaces
    • Hotels and Restaurants
    • Stores
    • Factories
    • Food production facilities